Criminal, Options, and the Wild Wild West

Today was a very good day indeed. It makes 2 out of 3 (EU Law and Criminal Law) exams so far where specific material I have revised has come up! Absolutely brilliant. I was so scared about this exam too, as were most of the people in my group, because its one of those units where you can’t really guess as to whats going to come up. The only thing you can do is revise everything (which is practically impossible). Luckily everything I did manage to revise came up! I couldn’t have asked for a better paper. After I had my exam I had lunch with the university group and decided to go to the Library and do some Property, Equity and Trusts (P.E.T) revision. It didn’t go so well…

On the way home I bought Red Dead Redemption! It’s a game which is basically a wild west version of grand theft auto (incidentally made by the same group – Rockstar), and it is awesome. Only played an hour of it, and I’ve enjoyed every aspect so far, from riding the horses in the beautiful western american scenes to shootouts with the sheriff!

In other news I have to make my third year options choices by Monday. I still haven’t decided what I want to do – more specifically the Erasmus programme. This is a brilliant programme where only 6 people in the year are chosen to work closely with other university students across europe. I would study the interrogation and creation of criminal law within the EU (newly established with the Lisbon treaty). The only downside is the work. I calculate some 12000 words for that unit alone! That would make around 25000 for the entire year – more than all the essays I’ve written at University to date put together! I’m just not sure if I have the time or the willpower to succeed in something like that. This time I really will have to have a long hard think – much harder than domain names!


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