Sono Molto Stanco

As I write this I am ill, slightly hung over and about to travel into work, so that pretty much means bad times Nevertheless I thought I’d update you on a few things because it’s been a while.

Firstly my exams! They all went surprisingly well, everything I expected came out on the exam. Not much to say only I feel I did really well. Alot of my friends would disagree wih me… Funny that! I guess I just knew what the teachers were hinting through the revision sessions. 🙂 I’d say all in all my worst exam was probably criminal my best was EU and P.E.T was somewhere in between.

Went to the university summer ball yesterday and was a bundle of fun! Bought a nice suit for it (alongside a seperate suit for my cousins wedding in a few weeks), and everyone looked the part. We ended up stealing a table which was reserved for some members of the student union who never showed up and scored three bottles of wine! Had a good night with the uni mates, always nice to get to know them better.

Right, have to go down to work. Will update more later!


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