Man, lately my life has just plain sucks. I’ve had several problems at university (timetable clashes) which no one seems to be sorting out. My year 3 rep is useless and I am struggling in my third year to cement down my actual timetable and get enrolled in the proper courses. I won’t delve into specific details but its all very stressing. Because my timetable still hasn’t been sorted out it means I can’t lay down an effective study schedule.

In other news I’ve been trying to get Naruto Shippuden Ultimate: Ninja Storm 2 BUT IT IS SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!! I phoned up Gamestation’s Camden Town branch and attempted to reserve it. When I got there they had said another women had reserved it in her name. Its like the universe doesn’t want me to be happy. Though on tuesday I did buy a snazzy new netbook so its not all bad. it was supposed to be a grade-a model (a factory refubished but good as new) and it really is good as new. Works like a charm, makes taking notes in lectures so much easier. Take it where ever I go. Shout out to the guys at for a great service. (It was listed as a 160gb model, but came with 250gb).

That’s all for now. Hopefully things will get better soon. 🙂


(18-10-10 10:15)

Just ordered Naruto Shippuden from gamestation’s website for a good price at 34.99. Should be here tomorrow so that’s something to look forward to. 🙂

*Update 2*

(19-10-10 19:16)

Parcel force tracking has told me that Naruto has been mis-sorted and has been misdirected to the Coventry sorting office. WTF… I’m requesting that next day delivery charge back.


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