Graduation, Future Plans and XBOX Automatic Renewel Cancellation Woes

So I’ve graduated, and now have officially no plan in life. Its absolutely mad. I have now fulfilled my education as far as the state will carry me, and to go further (as in pursue a Masters) I would need 4,500. Even worse if I wanted to pursue my legal education and become a solicitor I would need a further 15,000! Sadly neither option is feasible and my life has become a standard pitiful tale of no direction. Currently it consists of speed reading all the Harry Potter books (and watching the films) before I go to see the final film on Sunday, and the highlights of my week for the past five weeks has been waiting for Naruto, One Piece and Fairy Tail to come out on Mangastream. At least I’m going to Bath (the town) next week with the g/f and some Uni friends. One small thing to look forward to.

As for the future, the only thing I can think to do is travel. Its something I really want to do, and I’d love an excuse to practice my Italian, but this requires the same thing to amount to a success – money. These lottery tickets better start cashing in…

In other news – screw XBOX Live. as some of the few readers may know with the latest revamp online, they took away the ability to cancel the monthly automatic renewal subscription effectively turning it into a direct debit with no way to cancel unless you call up the notoriously bad customer support line. I have never been bothered to do this. However it may surprise you to know that they secretly brought this feature back. However there is just one major problem – IT WON’T GO THROUGH!!



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