Bath, Bristol & York + Pics

So I went to Bath a week ago, with some university friends and the g/f. Funny, because I’ve always been putting down my friend JJ for bigging it up but it really is a lovely town, one of the nicest in Britain I’d say. It really is embedded in a deep rooted history of Roman-British culture and is wonderful to see. For one the houses are all legally supposed to be built with bath stone (though one cab driver said some builders get away with this with a percentage of both bath stone and other minerals, though the effect is the same) and consequently all the houses look bold and beautiful. Not only that but it looks as if the council tax there was actually spent on what it was meant for, cleaning and maintaing the streets.

On the last day we visited Bristol (which is only 10 minutes from bath on the tube). It seemed to parallel bath in a lot of ways. It looked nothing like it, more like south London with crappy office blocks everywhere. It however had another deep history, it’s always good to visit a 500 year old pub that Blackbeard used to frequent, the British leaning tower of Pisa, or… the largest Primark in the U.K.

Having just got into my Degree in the post I’m off to York for a couple of days for one of the g/f’s family shindigs. With that I get to procrastinate on what I do with my life for a bit longer.

Some pics after the break.


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