The Gym Membership

So constantly you are told to keep in shape, keep your body fit and healthy, if nothing else because it is good for you. We all know the real reason is because people are self-conscious of how they look and do it to make themselves “appear” fitter. I wonder if it is the select few that actually can maintain the primary view and only do it for their physical well-being. When I first joined myself, I unfortunately did not fall into this category. To paraphrase Dr. Cox from scrubs (random) ~

‘Once you look in the mirror and are happy with what you see, you have lost the battle’

This seems to been the main driving force between what most people (at least that I know) join the gym for. After all statisically speaking most people join the gym after a fat busting christmas season or before a holiday on which gutsy abs will be shown. And it is this self-conscious, and minorly vain thing that drives people to carry on. It drove me to carry on… or so I thought it did.

I joined the gym last August on a pretty good promotion. £30 per month and you get infinite access to the gym , sauna, and swimming pools, for all the gyms in the area. I did it at first to get fitter, but I ended up only going for a month. After that life got in the way. It was seemingly impossible to maintain the gym visits when I had university, a girlfriend and a social life to maintain. I told myself that as soon as I finished my January exams I would pick it back up, and I suspended the gym membership. But more essays piled in, and then the Erasmus trip to Hungary, then more essays and dissertations and finally my last exams in June. Surely with all this past, I could resume my gym membership and give myself that 6 pack I deserve. But no, more trips, to Ireland and Bournemouth, followed by my graduation and a period of non-stop (money-earning) work, and finally my trips to Bath, Bristol and York. With that out-of-the-way now surely I can pick up where I left off? Well… no. I do have a trip to Italy and I’d rather not pay for a membership I’m not using.

You see something always seems to get in my way, and now, completely out of shape, I find myself wondering whether I just made excuses all along. I really could have made the effort to visit the gym all this time, and now not only do I hate my body, contrary to when I actually joined the Gym I also feel very unfit, and unhealthy – I feel fat. It would seem that the last year of university was stressful enough for me to gain a bit of wieght, but it is more than that. I actually can feel the weight I’ve gained, and I’ve no intention for it to stay where it is parked. Now I find myself aching to go back to the gym to get rid of this feeling, making me think my original belief in why people go to the gym is wrong. It isn’t split into two mentalities, you must actually have both modes of thought to succeed at the gym. Now I have that thought, maybe when I actually get back from Italy I will be able to keep it up this time.

Till next time.


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