The Weather

I’d hate to do a post about the weather. We all know that a conversation about the weather is a social signal pointing to someone who has nothing better to say, but I saw something on the news yesterday that made me laugh.

On the BBC 10′ o clock news was an report on how disappointingly grey it was this August. We had a heatwave in April and they predicted (again) that this summer would be the hottest ever. Instead we got the coldest August since 1993. I’m sorry but what were they expecting? This is the UK! I can’t remember the last time we’ve had an exceptionally hot summer!

Now Italy (where I’m going in two weeks) is another story. It’s reported to be a good 33-37 degrees in Cagliari this week, and it has no signs of dropping. I can’t wait for some beach action heheh :D.


I am aware that I posted a comment days earlier about how crap the weather has been lately haha. The difference between this situation and I is that this was on the national news, and the report suggested surprise! There is nothing surprising about bad weather in Britain. 🙂


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