Man teaches his daughter not to badmouth him or her mother on Facebook!

Now to be honest I’m not sure if I agree with this or not. It probably isn’t the best parenting in the world; but that doesn’t matter it’s hilarious!


And I want my babe… and I’m on my way!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone. Whether we are with someone or not, we can all appreciate love! To be honest I just wanted a reason to post the most soulfully seductive song ever!

And if you wanted the orginal…

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Feeling stuck in life? Watch this.

When this man passed away, a lot of people where saddened. A lot of other people wondered what on earth he had actually done? Well if you were one of those people, wonder no longer.

I watched this just after I graduated, and it helped me immensely. It reminded me that everyone has a purpose, and just because your life does not go the way you originally planned it to, it doesn’t mean that it won’t lead you to the real path you were meant to be on.