New Domain Name?

Well I think its time to finally buy a domain name. Although I haven’t had this blog for very long, believe me, in the past I have always wanted my own domain name. I mean once you get one of those, its yours isn’t it? You’re own website! So I got thinking – what should I call it?

Originally I was going to call it, but then I did some researching and found this guide on good domain names. I found that it broke two of the cardinal rules – (1)Don’t use numbers, and (2)Get a .com address. And its true, if you type in (which most people are likely to) you get redirected to someone called Richard Lees. Tis a shame because I actually like that name aswell. Richard Lees is selfish, hah.

So I thought maybe I’m not sure about this one because it seems too long for me. Would anyone really want to type in something that long every time they wanted to visit a measly blog? Now don’t get me wrong, I am aware that currently no one visits this site, and currently I am quite happy with it that way. But who’s to say what will happen in the future…

In any case I need to get thinking do some revision for my exams.


Welcome to the House of Horrors!

Well… hello. I write my first word press blog on the way to work. I’m on the bus headed straight for work and I cannot tell you how depressed that makes me feel. Though my title ‘city boy’ may deceive you, if you read the “About” page, you would know that no, I am not a banker. I am student, but I also work at a well-known supermarket that you might have heard of.

That’s right! Right now I am a lowly shop assistant who works on the food service counters and performs mundane tasks…

I had written a rather lengthy blog on this subject but to keep safe, I have edited it out to avoid getting fired. We’ve all heard those stories of someone getting caught by their manager, saying something they shouldn’t have said in the heat of the moment, and feeling the repercussions of it (namely unemployment). We’re in the middle of a recession, I can’t risk that!

To cut a long story short I don’t feel like I get much job satisfaction. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with the shop assistants of the world, but I feel like (contrary to the name of this blog) I am not moving forward. I’m not achieving anything, I’m not making a difference.

And for those reasons – I can’t wait to graduate and leave my job!

I’ve still got that post saved in my drafts. Maybe once I have moved on I can unleash it, but until then I’m happy making money. 🙂