5 Years – dedicated to my other half.

This day, 5 years ago something wonderful happened to me…

It was Wednesday 17th of January, and this quirky hot girl from my Classical Civilization class and I had been talking on MSN messenger for an inordinate amount of time now, probably for a good month. I wasn’t sure why (we never talked in class), but nevertheless, we did have some fun conversations ranging from our families, to how we had an adopted Camel that she had somehow thrown out of the window. This Wednesday night another one of our friends (that we both new) came to me on MSN and said “Chris, about her, what do you think?” – and then it hit me. Well lets be honest, I was 17, she was a hot girl – of course I fancied her, but I never in a million years thought she fancied me too. It blew my mind. This friend passes messages between us because we were both so pathetically shy that we wouldn’t talk to each other directly. The end result was that we both knew we fancied each other, and yet neither of us had said it to each other directly. Roll on a weekend of nervousness, and the following Monday before our next Classics class I decided to call her outside school surprising her with a single rose. She seemed happy and we separated so no one would guess what was going on and STILL we hadn’t actually confirmed anything.

That night ANOTHER friend (incidentally the boyfriend of Z at the time) messaged me that he thought she was waiting for a kiss… I knew this and yet I still I didn’t know how it was going to happen. The following Wednesday, the 24th January 2007 we went for a walk on the heath, and sat on a bench. After a good 15 minutes a finally plucked up the courage and sealed the deal.  And that was the start of my amazing journey with her.

5 years on and I think its amazing how we grew as a couple. We are no longer the shy people we were when we first got together. We’re always communicating, if not too much.  We have both supported each other through highs and lows. We have helped each other grow into adults and seen each other change -for the better. I have graduated university, she next year, and I can’t wait for the next stage of our lives to begin together. Its kind of like we’re starting again because we’re in a new stage of our lives, but we have this amazing backbone to help us go through the amazing journey together.

I know its not very long, but she knows that this for me is a lot of effort.

Just know I love you.

Here’s a mini-slideshow of us throughout the ages. 🙂


The Weather

I’d hate to do a post about the weather. We all know that a conversation about the weather is a social signal pointing to someone who has nothing better to say, but I saw something on the news yesterday that made me laugh.

On the BBC 10′ o clock news was an report on how disappointingly grey it was this August. We had a heatwave in April and they predicted (again) that this summer would be the hottest ever. Instead we got the coldest August since 1993. I’m sorry but what were they expecting? This is the UK! I can’t remember the last time we’ve had an exceptionally hot summer!

Now Italy (where I’m going in two weeks) is another story. It’s reported to be a good 33-37 degrees in Cagliari this week, and it has no signs of dropping. I can’t wait for some beach action heheh :D.


I am aware that I posted a comment days earlier about how crap the weather has been lately haha. The difference between this situation and I is that this was on the national news, and the report suggested surprise! There is nothing surprising about bad weather in Britain. 🙂

The Gym Membership

So constantly you are told to keep in shape, keep your body fit and healthy, if nothing else because it is good for you. We all know the real reason is because people are self-conscious of how they look and do it to make themselves “appear” fitter. I wonder if it is the select few that actually can maintain the primary view and only do it for their physical well-being. When I first joined myself, I unfortunately did not fall into this category. To paraphrase Dr. Cox from scrubs (random) ~

‘Once you look in the mirror and are happy with what you see, you have lost the battle’

This seems to been the main driving force between what most people (at least that I know) join the gym for. After all statisically speaking most people join the gym after a fat busting christmas season or before a holiday on which gutsy abs will be shown. And it is this self-conscious, and minorly vain thing that drives people to carry on. It drove me to carry on… or so I thought it did.

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Bath, Bristol & York + Pics

So I went to Bath a week ago, with some university friends and the g/f. Funny, because I’ve always been putting down my friend JJ for bigging it up but it really is a lovely town, one of the nicest in Britain I’d say. It really is embedded in a deep rooted history of Roman-British culture and is wonderful to see. For one the houses are all legally supposed to be built with bath stone (though one cab driver said some builders get away with this with a percentage of both bath stone and other minerals, though the effect is the same) and consequently all the houses look bold and beautiful. Not only that but it looks as if the council tax there was actually spent on what it was meant for, cleaning and maintaing the streets.

On the last day we visited Bristol (which is only 10 minutes from bath on the tube). It seemed to parallel bath in a lot of ways. It looked nothing like it, more like south London with crappy office blocks everywhere. It however had another deep history, it’s always good to visit a 500 year old pub that Blackbeard used to frequent, the British leaning tower of Pisa, or… the largest Primark in the U.K.

Having just got into my Degree in the post I’m off to York for a couple of days for one of the g/f’s family shindigs. With that I get to procrastinate on what I do with my life for a bit longer.

Some pics after the break.

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